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Read Carrie Fisher’s hilarious letter to Princess Leia, the character she first played in George Lucas’ 1977 Star Wars film. Carrie’s letter addresses, amongst other things, the frustrations of growing old as Princess Leia remains the forever young and glamorous heroine.

“While you will forever be remembered loitering in star-infested landscapes, existing endlessly in imaginations and onscreen, I putter noisily in that infamous closet of celebrity—expanding, wrinkling, stooping, and far too often, stupid with age.”

She laments “I’ve spent almost two-thirds of my life walking galaxies in those fucking white leather boots” as she goes on to comically detail the differences between the timelessly iconic Princess Leia and the very mortal Carrie Fisher.

“You always act the heroine; I snort the stuff in the feeble attempt to dim the glare of your intense, intergalactic antics. You take the glory; I give way to age. You: so physically well and well-meaning it makes me mentally ill—well, something does, anyway.”

Read the full letter over at Bullett.