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Erotic photographer Ellen Stagg was recently enlisted to shoot the calender for burlesque company Wasabassco and, lucky for us all, the theme was cosplay. We previewed the promo vid recently because, come on, how could you not be into the prospect of a whole year of scantily clad, fantasy-themed burlesque babes for your personal viewing? But there’s a lot of finesse required in shooting almost-naked girls, which Stagg does quite often, which we get a little more of an insight to in this chat she had with online mag Frank 151.

On whether she’d worked with cosplay before:

“No, I really haven’t and I actually learned a lot about the characters. There were some characters that I saw and didn’t even know existed, but some of the girls were really into those characters, so I learned stuff from them, they were fans of the characters. But there were some girls, maybe three or four girls who really weren’t nerdy or into comic books, so I had to go to my nerd counsel and ask some of my friends who are really nerdy what they would like to see naked ladies be dressed as?”

Read the full interview here.