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Gudim’s drawings know you better than you know yourself

Meet the Russian illustrator taking on modern culture

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I first stumbled upon Gudim’s work during one of those late-night scrolling hazes that seems endless. His work quickly pulled me out of the delirium that comes from looking at the internet for too long. Gudim is funny, really funny. He takes a step back from contemporary culture and highlights it for how ridiculous it is. I DM’d the Russian cartoonist immediately to find out more of his story. His responses were short and direct, in that very Russian way. But that’s ok, his work speaks for itself.

What’s your real name?

My name is Anton, I live in Moscow and work as an engineer full-time. Drawing and illustrating are just hobbies of mine.

How long have you been drawing for?

I’ve been drawing ever since I was a kid, but I’ve only started illustrating and putting my stuff online about three years ago.
Are your comics inspired by real life?
Yes, they are, in general. My comics are pretty much an attempt to look at usual, everyday things from a slightly different angle.
I first saw you on Instagram. How has social media helped get your work out there?
Various social media has definitely helped to get my work out there. But still—the main engine for promotion is all the people who share my stuff and spread the word.
Your work is really funny so I was curious to hear what makes you laugh?
I’m online and looking through stuff on social media daily, but only find a small percentage of things out there truly funny. I guess, it takes something really unexpected to actually make me laugh.
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