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It was in 2013 when Hayao Miyazaki shocked the anime world by retiring from the movie game, letting us know that he would not be making any more feature films. But Miyazaki ensured that he would not be retiring from animation yet, recently releasing details about a new short film in the works which will be about a tiny caterpillar named Boro, and will be his first attempt at creating a film entirely with CG animation.

There is a downside to this though as Kemushi no Boro (“Boro the Caterpillar”) will take around three years to create and will only be screened at the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo (although, it’s a good excuse for fans to head to Japan in 2018).

In a series of interviews last year Miyazaki said “I do want to continue making short films such as the ones we show at the Ghibli Museum. I will continue making those. We will continue to make short films for the Ghibli Museum with a small staff of animators. But I think gradually it will quietly disappear in the future.” Which could mean that Kemushi no Boro may not be the only short film in the works, there may be more to come.


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