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A huge part of Hayao Miyazaki‘s mark on the film industry revolved around his masterful storytelling abilities that were heavily influenced by the likes of feminism, technology and nature. As a Studio Ghibli fan myself, I’m constantly in awe of the exquisite representation of nature in Miyazaki’s films – particularly in Princess Mononoke, where the audience is met with natural wonderment that can only possibly be a reality on the big-screen – but not anymore… Miyazaki has put forward 300 million yen (US$2.5 million) to fund a park where children can escape the everyday drab of technology and the 21st century, and discover the beauty that deep, dense nature has to offer – something that can be so hard to find nowadays.

The park will ~obviously~ take on a mystical Ghibli-esque name – The Forest Where the Wind Returns – and is set to begin construction in 2016, with an estimated finishing date 2 years later. Keeping up with the heavy nature theme, play equipment will be integrated within trees and boulders instead of traditionally man-made structures. Along with the play areas, the complex will also incorporate a 2-storey library and a sleeping facility big enough to hold 30 children. But the real question is how many mid-twenties Miyazaki fans can it bed? Because I’m keen AF.

Check out the initial illustration from local Japanese design firm, Kume Creation, above.

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