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Weekly updates

A lot of us have bad internet habits. You know like late night excessive online shopping and excessive porn watching. I only fit into one of those categories personally (I’ll let you guess that one) and then there’s another thing I just can’t seem shake and just like the other two – it’s fuels unrealistic expectations. I’m talking architecture porn. And this is more than just your casual Pinterest interior design scroll.

This week, I’m looking at ‘House of the Infinite’ by Alberto Campo Baeza. Described even by them as “the most radical house they have ever made”, the horizontally-planed house sits as if it were a jetty to the ocean. Located in the sunny city of Cadiz in Spain because really, is there a location more fitting? Think waters edge, sharp angles, multi-levels, Roman travertine rock,  large windows and circular skylights.

Maybe we can all pitch in a little and buy it? I’ll follow your lead.

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