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Brazilian artist Fábio Magalhães is a hyperrealist oil painter and, apparently, a major Guy Ritchie fan. We can only speculate when Magalhães first watched Snatch, but it seems he took Alan Ford’s ‘nemesis‘ monologue, a little too literally. His portfolio of butchered human remains, suffocated faces and general carnage is a toast of sorts to Brick Top’s detailed knowledge of how to make corpses disappear.

The collection of deconstructed and packaged human flesh and organs is actually as much a work of visual art as it is a social and political statement. Although we’re so accustomed to seeing animal meat broken down into bright, vacuum-sealed packages, it’s not until we’re confronted by images of our on species packaged in the same manner that the cruelty and bizarreness behind the meat industry becomes blatantly obvious.