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Hype DC and ACCLAIM present: Limit’d September Edition

Featuring Minna Gilligan, Sam McKenzie, the latest sneaker drops, and more

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When this edition of Limit’d started coming together it was pretty obvious that it was becoming the artists issue. But we didn’t want to feature just any old artists—we wanted the kind of creative minds that can’t help but prompt others to pick up a paintbrush (or open up illustrator).

Melbourne-based artist Minna Gilligan sprang to mind immediately when we started brainstorming the perfect cover star. Her work in both the commercial and fine art worlds is incredible, playing with ideas of displacement and using colour in way to express emotion that is fresh and surprising. Not only that, Gilligan also finds time to write and illustrate for Rookie Magazine, maintain a personality on Instagram as an emerging style icon, and is about to launch her second book, an anthology of her collage work to date called So Far.

Knowing that Minna would be a hard act to follow we searched pop-ups, art shows and (of course) Instagram until we found someone that would be the best match—Sam Mckenzie. Hailing from Brisbane, his illustrations are inspired by 90s cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and need to be seen more than once to truly appreciate the detail of their design.

Limit’d has all of this and tons more. It’s bursting with the freshest sneaker releases and Hypekit—Hype DC’s curated collection of apparel. Download the digital magazine to experience a new dimension of interactivity and add depth to your reading experience. Seamlessly flip between colourways and styles, go behind the scenes on our features, and shop directly from the application. Download it now!

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