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New York-based Australian artist Ian Strange has unveiled his latest masterpiece: an historic Polish landmark covered entirely in gold wallpaper. Just casually.

The exhibition, named Zloty, was funded by the Instytucja Kultury Katowice, and explores notions of suburbia and local, domesticated life. In fact, the floral theme of the wall paper coincides with similar patterns found in other local houses in Załęże, the district of Katowice. Strange is essentially translating the private into an exhibition. Zloty, the Polish translation for golden, is a tribute to the well-known mining industry within the district. Michal Kubieniec, as well as the Katowice Historical Museum, helped with the project. The building, in Katowice, required approximately 6,400 square feet of wallpaper.

Keen to see the arduous process of wrapping a building? It’s pretty impressive. Check it out in the gallery above.

  • Words: Louis Hanson

Weekly updates