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French-born, Japan-based, illustrator Mike Wrobel became a viral social media player when he posted images he had drawn of the characters from Game of Thrones in ‘80s and ‘90s style clothing. Since accumulating thousands of notes for these drawings on Tumblr, Wrobel’s moved on to a project illustrating characters from Breaking Bad in Muppets-esque style of children’s TV and movies. Incorporating puppet operated characters from children’s television in images of a dark drama highlights his ability to reimagine fictional characters in atypical surrounds and settings.

Of the project Mike says “I am so inspired [by the show], and just wanted to contribute, like many other fans, to make this show live beyond its airing time.” Of the huge list of TV and movies he plans to illustrate in the future, he confesses wanting to next reimagine From Dusk Till Dawn and True Blood. Check out Mike’s Tumblr for more.

Lorna Stewart-Thornton