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Haruhiko Kawaguchi approaches couples he thinks look interesting in nightclubs and bars, and a few days later they are found sprawled across his kitchen floor in bizarre positions and various states of undress, vacuum sealed in plastic bags. Kawaguchi, or Photographer Hal as he is known professionally, is not a serial killer but his Flesh Love series might be one of the more confronting things you have seen in a little while. Over the past year he has photographed over 80 couples in this way (for Japan’s Condomania), arranging them either naked or in intricate costumes and sealing them into the bags for 10–20 seconds at a time. (Any longer and he risks damage to his subject’s health.)

While he may only be able to take two photos within the time limit, the panic, discomfort and stoic endurance he captures is enough to give you buried alive nightmares for the next six months.

The series explores the notion of ‘preserving’ intimacy within a relationship, but might also be seen as an interesting study of how much people trust strangers from nightclubs.



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