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I’m pretty sure Jonnie Chambers’ favourite colour is pink. Pinks, whites and blues dominate most of his photographic work. Pink is even the background colour of his website. Chambers’ work echoes fashion photography from the last quarter of the 20th Century, creating graphic fashion photographs using bright bold colours and solid backgrounds. His models (human or otherwise) are lit in order to avoid create a shadow against the coloured backdrop behind them, creating striking images without dark areas. This is his style, the base of Chambers’ work is all about creating bold graphic photographs.

His graphic work follows the same vibes as his photography, creating a combination of fashion and internet 1.0 inspired graphics.

Jonnie is an Australian photographer and artist, he is currently working as a freelance photographer and designer in the US between New York and Los Angeles.

In 2010 Chambers graduated from Central Saint Matins, London with a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design and photography. After graduating he worked as a photographer’s assistant in London and in 2013 he moved to America to work as an assistant to fashion photographer Bruce Weber.

You can check out more of Jonnie’s work on his Instagram.

– Rhys Pope

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