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It’s the age for overseas trips: where plane tickets out of Australia seem to promise a wealth of inspiration. Taking the road less travelled, London-based duo Lola & Pani embarked on a visit to Aus. As Pani hails from Byron Bay and Lola had previously spent three months in Melbourne, the trip served as a homecoming of sorts.

Hitting the highways of the South-East Coast, the pair photographed cities and small towns alike. The two camped their way north, starting in Melbourne and ending with a week-long stay in Sydney, before flying to Pani’s home turf.

Over a dozen images surfaced from Melbourne, Sydney’s beaches and suburbia, through to rural New South Wales and the Byron hinterlands.

The harsh Australian light proved a challenge, causing the duo to shoot in the early morning or late afternoons and evenings.

Their trip and the photographs that surfaced from it, bring a fresh perspective to the Australian dream. They provide a running commentary on the Australian experience: offering insight on what it is to exist alongside a landscape as diverse as its citizens.

Lola & Pani’s East Coast jaunt proved that our backyard is just as inspiration rich as any jet-setting experience. As they say – ain’t no place like home.

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