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Some time in 1943, there was a man with a curious mind, a man that went by the name of Dr. Albert Hofmann. Hofmann was a Swiss Chemist conducting experiments on Ergot (a fungus sometimes found growing on rye). Somehow, all this playing around and experimenting eventually accidentally created what we know today as LSD, hurrah!

20 years later and LSD was still quite new to the world, its popularity was growing at an exponential rate, therefore many experiments were conducted. Researchers had to learn more about this fascinating new perception altering drug, and housewife Barbara Dunlap was willing to help them out (not to say she didn’t have a little curiosity herself).

She joined a group of other curious beings in a room full of interesting objects to take a trip into the mysterious realms of LSD–for science! Dr. Madison Presnell was observing the whole time of course, and apparently she had a pretty good trip. Take a journey to 1965 and re-live these fresh LSD moments with Barbara in the gallery above.

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