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Maryam Ashkanian’s stunning ‘Sleep Series’ is not for this world

Art inspired by the universe our dreams open up

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Whether sleep comes easily to you, or you find yourself awake for hours before counting sheep finally does the trick, you can’t deny it’s a pretty dope phenomenon. One second you are grounded in reality, and then the next thing you know, you’re trying to hack into the Pentagon. Or, whatever it is you dream about—either way, it’s cool.

Accomplished painter and sculpture Maryam Ashkanian has turned her hand to embroidery, creating the spellbinding ‘Sleep Series.’ Using plush cloth pillows as her canvas, Ashkanian has crafted work that showcases the beauty of sleep.

The simplicity of her work married with the precision of the lines and the authentic portrayal of her slumbering subjects make for series that is drawing much-deserved global attention. The size of the images on the pillows are designed to mirror the actual size the people would take up on their pillows at night.

In her view, our dreams allow us to enter a broader universe, where sleeping people are observers of other worlds. This view is somewhat reflected in her art, as the pieces seem otherworldly in a sense. “Images of us in dreams are revealed in the right truest evidence; an original icon which introduces us to the peripheral world wildly”, Ashkanian said.

This is just a mere snippet of her amazing work, so be sure to suss her gram for more glorious pillow art here.

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