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Weekly updates

November’s looking up now that artists Miso and Ghostpatrol are going to be working out of the beautiful Harvest Workroom in East Brunswick, Melbourne all month long. The pair have chosen a selection of their favourite books along with some new works and their entire zine collection to fill the space, and plan on gradually adding to the space as they create new stuff. They’ve already made their first print work, an edition of 25 titled ‘100 years old’, which you can have a look at above and purchase here. It’s a mini show, mini shop, and mini studio all in one! So go past, say hello, and check out all the lovely new things to come from the pair.

Miso and Ghostpatrol Harvest Residency

Runs: all November, Thursday – Sunday, 12-5pm

Harvest Workroom, 512 Lygon St, East Brunswick, Melbourne