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Weekly updates

Think you’re pretty creative? Feel the need to customise everything you own? Do you have an affinity to yesteryear and feel the need to strut the streets with a Ghettoblaster on your shoulders? Well this is your summer, my friend and you are gonna own those streets.

Montana Cans have teamed up with Berlin Boombox, a company who make DIY flat pack boomboxes out of cardboard, to create the Montana Boombox, unleashing your inner extrovert. With German engineered speakers and amplifiers, connectivity to any smartphone/computer/iPad (anything with a phone jack) and the free will to go nuts with accompanying Montana acrylic markers, it’s pretty sweet.

With artists Can2, Atom One, Stohead and Superblast showing you how it’s done, they’re about US$100 (74 Euros) and you can head to the website to watch behind the scenes videos and to win a Montana Boombox of your own.

Mica Nantes