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Every pop star has some kind of collectable toy, but few come with this much malice. Remember back in 2013 when the Biebs went on a global graffiti spree during his world tour? He even gave us a little spraying with some sub-par graff on a wall which belonged to the Brisbane hotel he was staying in (apparently it still hasn’t been removed).

After that, he tried his hand spraying against Alec Monopoly’s wall on the red carpet for the premiere of his own film. Two years later and the events in 2013 have inspired the crew at Mad House to create their own limited edition ‘Justin Bieber is a toy’ figurine. The figure depicts Bieber on that fateful night that saw his career graffiti buried in seconds.

The 14mm tall figure comes with ‘Justin Bieber is a toy’ written around the edge of the display stand as well as removable sunglasses (which is apparently an impossible feat in real life). It was made in a limited run of 300 an you can get yours for $79.99USD from Egg Shell Stickers.

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