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Weekly updates

No sooner than it had been nailed up, Banksy‘s latest piece Mobile Lovers was taken down,  by Riverside Youth Project in Bristol, England for the greater good. A photo of two distracted lovers, embracing and staring longingly at their phones appeared on Banksy’s website on Monday (17th April),  before it was discovered on Clement Street in Bristol next to Broad Plain & Riverside Youth Project.

Painted on a piece of wood and screwed onto the wall it was removed with a crowbar after youth leader Dennis Stinchcombe was allegedly tipped off by a friend of Banksy’s to put towards saving the club, which needs 120,000 pounds to keep running. The club which has been open for 120 years and has over 1,000 youths visiting a month, only managed to raise a few thousand pounds before this unique lifeline presented itself and they hope to sell the original for around 100,000 pounds.

A print of the Mobile Lovers has replaced the original which can be viewed at Riverside Youth projects for a small donation. Here’s hoping that things work out for them. 

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