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Artist, designer and new media all rounder Nick Thomm has teamed up with the founder of online retail store Mercy-Merci, Jay Ramsay to bring together a set of works for the much loved Australian restaurant Chin Chin and Go Go bar.

The exhibition is comprised of four pieces of artwork, three of which combine Thomm’s unique style of photographic collage with an editorial shot by the pair which features models from the Mercy-Merci Girl Gang. These three pictures are unmistakably Thomm influenced; the psychedelic colours, combined with the layering of warped pictures giving it that wholly cyber feel.

The final component to this eclectic collaboration is the large hot pink neon sign that reads Mercy-Merci’s tag line “Support Your Local Girl Gang”. This piece, while much more visually simple than the other works is still the stand out, and is crucial for binding the collection together.

The exhibition will be on display until April, and will be the duo’s last Australian exhibition before they head off to New York to complete a 6 month artistic residency.

Chin Chin / Go Go Bar
Presented in conjunction with Dirty Playground
125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

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