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Weekly updates

Last night, adidas Originals hosted a launch party for the opening of their IN SYNTHESIS exhibition. In conjunction with their Represent campaign, this event follows a current mission, which aims to celebrate our local community and crews.

IN SYNTHESIS is “a group exhibition curated by Joseph Allen Shea (Gallery A.S., Monster Children gallery) celebrating the vitality of female artists working as collectives and collaborators. Like the partnerships that spawned the work, the exhibition acts as if an alloy; the unification of ideas and persons being stronger than the sum of each part”.

From installation, to performance and even sculpture and video, the featured group of artists include: The Kingpins, Kate Mitchell, Chicks on Speed, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Nell & Bec Machine, Bianca Chang & UTS Students, Even Books, Kevina-Jo Smith, Jess Olivieri & Hayley Forward.

runs until Sunday the 2nd September 2012
Gallery hours Fri/Sat 11-5pm, Sun 11-3pm
Paramount Pictures Building: 78-80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills