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Weekly updates

Someone said to me that there were lots of “global eyes” watching the adidas Originals Presents ‘Colliderscope’ event that went down at 1000 £ Bend Saturday night, and after being there from start through finish, I now understand why. Colliderscope was a more or less a visual orgasm, which gave real insight into what the future holds. The idea of the event was to bring collisions of the art world together into one multi-dimensional, interactive event. The thought process behind the event would have been huge, and the man power to get the event running was even bigger – massive props to all involved both behind the scenes, and in front, as the night went off in all its futuristic, digital glory.

Upstairs, the ‘collision’ between artists Grace Tang and Geoff Lillemon was a minimal yet wholly engaging background piece to a bustling, tequila bar, (a tequila bar which made tequila taste good, and not just like the bitter aftertaste of last night’s terrible decisions). The art work consisted of Tang’s abstract sculpture which was representative of the connections between man and nature, while Lillemon was responsible for bringing his techniques of fusing the physical and digital to make the artistic experience a true sensory pleasure.

Downstairs things were getting a little more shall we say, wild. The main feature of the night being the massive centerpiece screen projecting abstract images, which once looked at through the pimped out 3D glasses that were dotted around the place became completely mesmerizing, kind of like looking into an immersive psychedelic kaleidoscope. Once people worked out that the 3D glasses handed to them on arrival actually did something, the bean-bags positioned under the huge screen for viewing purposes began to fill up pretty quickly. Not only was the 3D projection an impressive centerpiece, the fact that party goers were able to interact with it via a panel of touch screens which enabled different images and colours to appear on the big screen, made it truly next level.

The food being provided by Massive Wieners in their old-school hot dog cart, the drinks flowing at record speeds from the bars all added to this incredible experience, but what about the tunes? Everyone present would agree that the event wouldn’t have been such a success without the perfectly selected beats by the three top notch DJs who were keeping people happy throughout the course of the night, and morning. Andras Fox, Swick and Bamboo Musik DJs were responsible in full for the good vibes present across the event.

A massive party, with a massive response, so hats off to all who attended, the adidas Originals crew, the artists and all others involved who made this night an unforgettable experience that set the precedent for some damn-fine parties to come.

Adriana Barro

Photography by Heather Lighton