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Weekly updates

In addition to the epic wall painting that was happening all around Honolulu, Pow Wow Hawaii also had a range of side events and shows (and I’m talking in addition to the incessant pussy chasing and bottle service in the club by dudes after hours, haha). Above the exhibition space at Loft in Space is… well a loft… ohhhh I get the name now, but I digress… the space was filled with two sweet little side events. An exhibition of photography called Day Job? Curated by Eugene Kan of Hypebeast (who will also be speaking at Carbon Festival in April, shameless plug) and a pop-up store from the art bookazine Arkitip.

Day Job? Featured photography from a whole bunch of figures from the style industry including Jules Gayton, Nick Estrada, Bobby Hundreds and Cassy Song.

The Arkitip store had a whole stack of back issues (including a $300 Supreme issue, yikes) as well as a bunch of really beautiful prints from artists like Michael Leon, Cody Hudson, Parra, Ryan Mcginness and KR, that were actually really reasonably priced and I in hindsight should have bought some, but my walls at home are already overflowing as is my credit card statement.

Check some pics in the gallery…