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Weekly updates

After a summer of heavy hitting shows including Augustine Kofie’s ‘Working an Angle’ and Patrick Martinez’s ‘Lovely Day’, Known Gallery welcomed fellow Seventh Letter, AWR and MSK platinum cardholders Revok and Saber. Revok now a resident of Detroit Rack City was on hand to revisit the city who notoriously wouldn’t let him leave in 2011 when an attempted trip to Ireland via LAX turned into a 180 day jail stint via the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Saturday’s opening showed that these two artists, who were both extremely influential on each other’s development, may now be moving in two different directions stylistically but in spirit are both honing in on their ability to use their craft to amplify their social commentary.  Saber’s juxtaposition of traditional painting with graffiti letterforms offered a sense of immediacy as well as historical context to subject matter that ranged from #hashtag activism to the death defying exploits of fellow MSK member Zes.  Revok dug deeper into the crates of his new surroundings and unearthed and remixed forsaken artifacts into rugged visual soundscapes that spoke of the weathered ills of lost hope and the cycle of rebirth that comes from rising from the ashes.

-Todd Mazer