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Growing up, E.T was scary-looking enough but it could’ve been ten times more frightening. Loss of sleep could’ve doubled in children in 1982, if Rick Baker had anything to do with it.

Special effects guru Rick Baker, originally designed five aliens for an unmade Steven Spielberg film Night Skies, which was going to be about five aliens, each with their own personality, similar to Gremlins. However, Spielberg decided to abandon this idea in exchange for E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, drawing on Baker’s designs for the new alien design. Baker was furious with Spielberg and decided not to work on E.T, claiming to have spent a whopping $700,000 on designs, models and animatronics. Now Baker’s started his own Twitter account revealing the images for the first time.

Check out the images above for some of the options of what E.T could have looked like.



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