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As part of Melbourne White Night 2015, Sofles got together with motion designer Grant Osborne and New Zealand producer Opiuo to create one of the most impressive artworks in the 12 hour long festival.

The five story high, seven minute long sound and projection show ran every ten minutes for the duration of White Night and will not be repeated. The mural created by Sofles was mapped by Grant Osborne who animated the character as well as elements across the background, taking the viewer on a trip across space and across time.

It was listed as a secret location of the official White Night Map, so you shouldn’t feel too bad if you didn’t find it. To understand the scale of the project you can still check out the black and white mural that Sofles designed at the car park next to 33 Mackenzie street.

In the video created by Selina Miles above you can see the process of creating, painting and mapping the wall. You can watch the entire show below.

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