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Weekly updates

We love photographer Ellen Stagg. What’s not to love about a blonde Brooklyn hottie shooting other hotties right? In celebration of all things hot and Stagg-errific we’ve created an ongoing feature called THE STAGG STREET SURVEY. Here we will feature a different sexy lady from Ellen’s Stagg Street site and quiz them about… well a whole bunch of stuff. There will also be some very sexy pics of the ladies from the site to accompany their musings. Don’t say we don’t do nothing for you.

The first lady to crack the bottle of bubbly from the proverbial Stagg Street Survey hull is the lovely Miss Marlo Marquise. Ooh la la!

My name is… Marlo Marquise

By day I…Model full-time and design for my new company Marquise Lapin.

By night I…. Perform burlesque and sideshows, and produce events in LA through my production company House Of Virtue.

My favourite TV show is… The Munsters!

The last movie I watched was…The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a classic silent film from 1919.

If I could only listen to one artist or band for the rest of my life it would be… Either Nirvana or Billie Holiday, I’m definitely a complete mix of the 1940s and 1990s.

If I wasn’t in the modeling or adult industry I would probably be…I would be only performing and producing! I dabble in just about everything, a Jane-of-all-trades. I would actually like to runaway with the circus.

A weird habit of mine is… Drinking my morning tea in the shower, literally… not a morning person.

My best party trick is… Charming the pants off of any chosen victim, or putting fire in my mouth.

I’m addicted to…. wearing red lipstick every second of every day, and learning dangerous sideshow stunts. Nothing like a pretty lady doing something that might threaten her life right?

My fave part of my body is… My tush. I think 90% of my career is based off my ass. The bigger the better!

The sexiest woman in the world is… The sexiest modern woman I would have to say fashion model Karen Elson. She has such a unique classic look, super pale with ruby hair. She just oozes sex. The sexiest deceased woman to me would be Yvonne De Carlo. She’s just one of my favorites. She played Lily Munster. Super feminine, classy and powerful!

The sexiest man in the world is… I have an unhealthy obsession with Macaulay Culkin. Let’s just leave it at that.

If a guy wants to get with me they have to… Be a sharp dresser, believe that chivalry is still alive, and treat me like a queen but at the same time know when to tell me no. I’m a hopeless romantic, and a bit traditional in the ways of courting a woman.

The best thing about shooting with Ellen is… How much fun we have and how comfortable she makes her models. Ellen has this talent for capturing a glimpse of the actual personality of a model with her camera. She’s fun, personable, and all around one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

My fave youtube vid is… Nicolas Cage Losing his Shit. It’s a montage of exactly that. Always puts a smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

You can see more of Marlo on Stagg Street (or more sexy ladies in general)here.

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