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This photo series captures the disappearing art of fish & chip shops

Timothy Hillier's new book pays respect to forgotten icons

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There’s an amazing nostalgic feeling that comes from visiting a classic fish and chip shop. As you arrive you’re greeted by brightly coloured (sometimes bizarre) artwork of oceanic themes. Then you walk through the plastic strip curtain hanging in the doorway and the smell of oil overwhelms and comforts at the same time. It’s a thing of beauty.

Someone who recognises this beauty is photographer Timothy Hillier. He’s spent the last few years photographing the fading and disappearing art adorning fish and chip shops all over Australia and New Zealand. He’s compiled those photos in to a book, which launches this Saturday at RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood. The launch of the book is made even more special since a number of the shops photographed have since disappeared.

As part of the Heavy Time Institute’s take over of the RVCA space, the launch will offer free potato cakes on the event, as well as other zines. Come for the artwork, stay for the potato cakes.

‘Fish & Chips’ by Timothy Hillier
Presented by the Heavy Time Institute
Saturday April 29th, 12–2pm
RVCA Corner Gallery, Collingwood

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