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The designer behind Straya Cash has imagined more Aussie icons for Straya Shrapnel

Because you can't have Straya Cash without Straya Shrapnel

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With Australia Day kicking off tomorrow (and heaps of forward-thinking Aussies already enjoying their carefully planned four-day weekend), it’s not going to be difficult to catch some patriotic feels over the next 48 hours. The concept of updating our currency blew up briefly late last year, with ‘campaigns’ to change the name to Dollarydoos a la The Simpsons, and redesigning our notes to feature more recent Aussie pop identities. Welp, the designer involved in the latter has resurfaced with another iteration of his modernised money.

This time Aaron Tyler has released a series of designs for Straya Shrapnel, lending a local pop culture angle to our coins. After receiving a lot of attention for his previous project, Aaron decided to make use ideas and personalities that didn’t make the cut the first time, as well as obliging some of his social media commenters.

“Every other comment online was demanding Peter Brock , so I replaced the 5 Roos with 5 Brocky V8s. Quite a few people suggested Russell Coight and Adam Goodes so I made sure I included them also,” Aaron told us via email.

Others featured across the Shrapnel include Waiting for a Mate bro, AC/DC, a goon bag, and Schapelle Corby. You can check out the full range of designs in our gallery above OR head to his site, where you can actually flip the coins URL to get the almost real-life experience.

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