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In case you’re not down with lingo of robotics, I’ll break it down for you. In the gallery above, there is what science fiction has named a ‘mech’, which refers to a broad genre of walking vehicles which are usually controlled by a pilot. Apparently, there are sub-genres/species, but we won’t go into that here.

Avid deviantART user ProgV unveiled his 4 metre ‘mech’ which he captioned with the explanation “I disassembled my dad’s old Nissan truck which he doesn’t use anymore…I also went to a car disassemble centre many times to buy mechanical parts”. Altogether, the mech took a month to make and required the purchase of over a ton in parts. Named “MA-TP”, which stands for “Mobile Armored Tactical Platform”, this mech is some real life Transformers shit.

It might not be what we spend our time doing, but we’re sure glad someone does.

Zoe Annabel

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