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Weekly updates

The past two months I have been hopping around, getting hustled at every street corner and eating the shit out of South East Asia constantly on the move.

Rad times, awesome food and great people. One place I visited was Kampot – as I arrived and hopped out of the van I could feel the change in vibe immediately, which was a welcome feeling. In Kampot I got the pleasure of hanging out at a friend’s bar, Moi Tiet (meaning ‘one more’ in Khmer), which recently opened. They do brews and tattoos – it’s a cosy joint and has home made alcoholic ginger beers (which was damn tasty), friendly people and relaxed atmosphere. Also did a nice rustic signage for the bar with the help of two locals. So if you are in Kampot drop by and chill with a brew or grab yourself some ink. Also check out this video of Moi Tiet here.