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Travel Diary: Cameron Marendaz Takes us Water Fighting in Vientiane, Laos

The Melbourne-based photographer shows us the wet and wild side of his home city during Pi Mai (Lao New Year).

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Melbourne-based photographer Cameron Marendaz travelled to his family’s home city of Vientiane, Laos to visit his Father and Grandmother during Lao New Year (Pi Mai). During Pi Mai, Lao people visit temples to wash Buddha idols with flower filled perfumed water to bring blessings for the year ahead. During this time, the streets of Vientiane are packed with local children, throwing water balloons from the back of utes and spraying each other with water guns as part of the annual tradition. “I really just wanted to capture the community of it all, there ain’t nothing like it. Everyone is so connected to one another and you’re greeted with open arms at every single house you walk past. They treat you like their own.” Slide through the gallery above.

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