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Travel through iconic art history moments with “Where’s Warhol?”

The pop icon is immortalised (and lost) in pivotal periods of art history

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I don’t know many people who didn’t grow up with Where’s Wally? books. Getting increasingly frustrated and probably cross-eyed with trying to find that often-elusive beanie-wearing, cane-toting Wally (as well as everyone and everything else, if you were really about that life)—what better way to waste an entire afternoon?  Well, some great minds in the publishing world have taken one of our childhood favourites and given it their fine art touch, with Where’s Warhol?, a treasure hunt-like picture book with the iconic Andy Warhol as the main character. While many would have considered him ahead of his time anyway, in this visually engaging book, the pop artist literally travels through time and revisits (and gets lost in ) numerous important art periods. Your job, obviously, is to find Warhol… while also being re-educated about some of the pivotal moments in the art world. You can pre-order Where’s Warhol? via Amazon, right now.

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