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How often does someone drop by your humble abode, sit down across the coffee table, look you in the eye and say “Wow, I really like your toilet brush.” Yeah, probably not very often, but the new collaboration between Parisian retailer colette, Danish design collective Vipp and Aussie-born designer Craig Redman can make that dream a reality.

Redman’s famed cartoon characted ‘Darcel’ is a much-loved, one-eyed little creature, whose life is monitored by many online at Darcel Disapoints, but this time he’s made it big,  featuring on the design of the new products created by the trio. The pedal bin and toilet brush, two of Vipp’s iconic products, teamed with colette’s good taste and the fun of Darcel make these products far from boring.

A limited supply of the bin and brush set will be available in June both in store and online through colette.

Adriana Barro