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Remember when Banksy went over to Gaza and painted a picture of a kitten on a wall? And a local man came up to him and asked what it means and he replied, “I wanted to highlight the destruction in Gaza by posting photos on my website – but on the internet people only look at pictures of kittens.”

A similar conversation* happened between up-and-coming “road” artist, Wanksy, who started drawing pictures of dicks to highlight the amount of potholes on his local roads. A man asked him what his art means, and Wanksy replied “I wanted to highlight the destruction on our roads, but on the roads, people only pay attention to dickheads.”

It’s like art imitating life.

I imagine Wanksy to be one of those vigilante heroes that went to a few too many council meetings, yelled about pot holes never being fixed and how there aren’t enough pedestrian crossings, and then lost his mind and started drawing giant wangs all over the roads in some kind of phallic protest against the dicklords who wouldn’t listen to him. How do you like me now, Council? You shafted me? I’ll show you shaft! 

His beef-whistle road art did in fact catch the attention of the council on various occasions, resulting in the filling of the pothole and the subsequent filling of the pothole sized void in Wanksy’s heart. I guess art really can incite change.

*this conversation never happened.

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