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Weekly updates

“It’s not a war against the system – it’s just like I feel that I need to see my tag when I go into the streets – I want it to be there” Sicoer says as he rapidly throws up four consecutive vertical tags against a building’s glass facade.

This excellently shot clip follows Sicoer on a session through an unspecified city as he bombs a myriad of locations. While doing so, he muses on the differing motivations of handstyle as opposed to wildstyle, bombing in his youth, his motivations as a writer, and the joys of experimentation. It’s enthralling to watch the Polish-born writer create a massive piece, step back, and continue adding to it until satisfied as well as watching how he handles potential interlopers.

I could really go on, but it’s so much better if you watch it yourself. Check it out above.

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