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It’s always a plus when beautiful artwork can also serve to communicate much needed revelations about the human condition. Director Richard Mosse braved the Democratic Republic of Congo with his crew recently to put together the clips for what would become the video installation The Enclave. The videos were shot on 16mm infrared film – originally used in warfare to uncover enemies camouflaged in the greenery – it gives anything with a green hue a vivid pink or red appearance. The result is a surreal and sickly sweet physical environment, where very real and horrendous events occur on a daily basis.

“Beauty…is the sharpest tool in the box. And if you’re trying to make people feel something, if you’re able to make it beautiful then they’ll sit up and listen,” Moss says in the above video. “And often if you make something that is derived from human suffering or from war, if you represent that with beauty, and sometimes it is beautiful, it creates an ethical problem in the viewer’s mind.”

The Enclave is shown as an installation on multiple screens at the Venice Biennale in the Pavilion of Ireland until November 24.

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