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Weekly updates

Hawai’i seems like the perfect location for the bright, poppy mural work of DabsMyla, you know, given the palm trees, sunsets, coconut drinks and casual sea creatures. The art/life couple hit Oahu earlier this year during the recent POW WOW HAWAI’I festival and along with their friend – NZ artist Misery, DabsMyla contributed to the mural takeover of Honolulu’s downtown Kaka’ako district. The LRG Art Series videographers documented the process which you can view above. That Hawaiian landscape is looking pretty damn dreamy right about now. Oh and while we’ve got your attention, have we mentioned that DabsMyla were speakers at last year’s CARBON Festival and that this year’s CARBON Festival is going down this weekend? And you should totally buy a ticket, which you can so do so here. NICE SEGUE!