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Weekly updates

This lomokino video should really come with a warning. Not office appropriate – unless you work here with us at ACCLAIM of course. We’ve always been a fan of erotic photographer Ellen Stagg’s tantalising work, especially when Justine Joli is in front of the lens – remember Issue 21. In this video she captures Joli again with Ashley Grahram on 35mm film in 150 frames. The song accompanying the visuals is titled The Sweetest Embrace (Barry Adamson and Nick Cave) but perhaps ‘saucy’ would be more appropriate.

If you watch the video above, like what you see and want a bit more – which naturally, you will – be sure to check out Ellen Stagg and Hiroshi Kumagai’s upcoming exhibition, ‘Seeing Double’. If you’re based in New York it’s open from April 12 – April 2, 2013.

Exhibition details:
Mighty Tanaka
111 Front Street
Suite 225
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Taylah Kleid