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Weekly updates

One of the most fascinating videos to be circulating the web this week is a new clip from filmmaker Anthony Cerniello, titled Danielle.

Cerniello had photographer Keith Sirchio shoot portraits of his friend Danielle’s family with a Hasselblad camera (which is medium format and produces super detailed negatives). The images were then scanned using a drum scanner, and Cerniello selected subjects with the most similar facial structure. The photos were then put through some amazing digital editing and effects by animators and a digital artist.

The result is bizarre and beautiful. The video shows a slowly transitioning face, set to sound. The transitions are slowed so perfectly that it’s impossible to tell where one portrait starts and ends – fascinating to watch.

Cerniello has edited music videos for Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Kings of Leon among others, as well as several commercials and short films. More of his work can be found at anthonycerniello.com.

Check out the video above.

[Via Colossal]

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