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Watch: Guido van Helten in the Arctic Circle

þetta reddast - it will all work out okay

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Almost a year in the making, film director Selina Miles, and Australian artist Guido van Helten took to Akureyri, Iceland for a self initiated project. It’s been a long time dream of Guido to be able to paint a ship, after making a name for himself creating murals on large buildings all around the world (although you’ve probably seen a lot of them around Melbourne).

Brisbane-based self-taught director, Selina, has a knack for capturing the essence of an artist’s personal journey and now adds Guido to her growing list of subjects. The film delves deeper into his thoughts and feelings about his work, and the Icelandic culture.

It’s truly a beautiful account of their time in Iceland, and the final outcome of Guido’s piece is a true tribute to the slow heartbeat of the country. It’s something really magical. Check it out in the gallery above.

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