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“This was never about money for us, it was about us against the system.” So begins the main hook of Swayze’s climactic monologue in 1991 deep-cover surf thriller Point Break.

Whether abrasive graffiti prankster Lush earnestly believes in the ideology of the bank-robbing ex-presidents, or is just really into the cornball vibes of Keanu Reeves–headlined action flicks, it’s not quite clear. But the promo for his current Europe tour kicks off in an impressively schlocky fashion.

The usually visceral paint slinger is comparably subdued in the photomash – trading trademark imagery of bodily fluids, appendages and bikinis for some more conventional styles and a dramatic masked piece-to-camera.

Lush is currently driving a mobile gallery (read: second-hand truck) through Europe and can be seen in Copenhagen on July 24 and 25, with a location to be revealed on his website.

Finn Houlihan


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