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For most hitchhikers, not that I’ve ever been one, having someone actually be kind and trusting enough to pick you up from the side of whatever road must be a pretty good feeling. If that driver then turned out to be Scarlett Johansson, it would probably make you feel like you won the random stranger lottery. Until she turns out to be a (ridiculously good-looking) murderous alien in disguise…then you might start to have second thoughts about how you perceive people.

This creepiness is exactly what you can expect of upcoming sci-fi flick Under the Skin, starring Johansson and directed by Jonathan Glazer. Adapted from Michel Faber’s novel of the same name, the movie made its way around the film festival circuit last year and is now heading to the cinema. The trailer is weird – no dialogue, creepy suspenseful music, flashes of random people, violence and ScarJo in her underwear – but suitably intriguing and still pretty hot.

Under the Skin is set to hit select cinemas from April 4.