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Forbes Magazine’s World’s Most Valuable Brands list collects 100 of the highest earning and most iconic labels in almost every industry imaginable, from snack food to aerospace, ranking each in terms of their net earnings, the sales value of brand recognition in their field and their price:earnings ratio. With this considered you could probably guess the four highest ranking companies on the list off the top of your head (that’s Apple, Microsoft, Google and Coca Cola for the folks playing at home). It should also come as no surprise to you that the fashion industry formed a strong contingent of brands on the list with Louis Vuitton clocking first at #14. Have a look at ten other labels who made it and plot your next investment/sartorial move.

1. Louis Vuitton (#14)
2. Nike (#18)
3. H&M (#33)
4. Gucci (#42)
5. Hermes (#51)
6. Cartier (#55)
7. Zara (#58)
8. Rolex (#65)
9. Prada (#74)
10. adidas (#83)

See the full list at Forbes.


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