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Weekly updates

As computer technology develops and the decades in which we use it pass, even the humble PC or Mac can become an object of reminiscence. You can reflect upon childhood memories of the days before the internet, when all had to occupy yourself with on a computer was a tiny colourless screen, those weird hard plastic things called floppy disks, and some very basic programs.

But now, you can actually live through one part of it again. Cloudpaint is an online painting tool program created in homage to the original MacPaint program released with the 1984 Macintosh computer. It has all the basic tools – and they are basic – paintbrush, bucket fill, line, spray. And it’s not even in colour. Compared to something like Photoshop, this is sweet, simple bliss.

Check out the images above, or try CloudPaint yourself to create your own black-and-white 1.0 beta masterpiece.

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