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We wrote yesterday of the shock overnight whitewashing of graffiti mecca 5 Pointz in New York. Reactions spread far and wide across the net as people lamented the desecration of the iconic Queens warehouse.

Now, building owner Jeff Wolkoff has defended his decision, speaking to New York magazine about it.

Wolkoff on one hand spoke of his ‘love’ of the graffiti scene, but couldn’t see the historical significance of the building when questioned on it.

“Tell me what history I’m demolishing! Let’s discuss this: They paint over their work continuously. It’s nothing. A piece goes up, and six months later somebody else paints over it.”

He also vocalised the apparent struggle he went through while overseeing the whitewash, saying “ I had tears in my eyes while I was doing it.”

Read Wolkoff’s interview in full on New York magazine, and check out the images above.

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