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A UK father was horrified after coming to the realisation that his son had dropped almost £4000 (that’s almost $8000 Australian dollars) using in-app purchases on the game. The boy had apparently memorised his dad’s Apple ID password and had racked up the total within 5 days.

Mohamed Shugaa, 32, the owner of a carpet store said he was shocked to find out about the charges when he tried make a purchase from a supplier, “I was so mad. I’m 32 years old, why would Apple think I would be spending thousands of pounds on buying dinosaurs and upgrading a game?” (Ross Geller dies inside). His son had upgrades the game and made purchases using Dino Bucks, which he didn’t realise was actual money. He contacted Apple Support who informed him that there was no guarantee he would get his money back, “I said to him it’s before Christmas and I need to get money for Christmas. £4,000 before Christmas is a lot of money.” He was eventually refunded the total, and has been warned to keep his passwords a secret, and to turn off in-app purchases on his device.

Weekly updates