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A food truck for dogs actually exists

And (shocker) it's not in Melbourne

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Melbourne’s Cat Cafe just got one-upped like it’s nobody’s business, with the opening of a food truck in Seattle that sells treats exclusively for dogs. That’s right, the Seattle Barkery (lol get it?), is providing our furry, four-legged friends  with a space to indulge in the likes of chicken necks, duck feet, peanut butter and pumpkin pretzels, and bacon cupcakes called ‘pupcakes’.

According to Life With Dogs, the idea behind this absurdly loveable mobile cafe was to provide our canine companions with the same freedom of choice as us spoiled, brattish humans. Also, given as this is a food truck, the Seattle Barkery will also provide a friendly outlet for these canines to sit, and stay, and discuss things like Tame Impala b-sides and voting below the line.

So far there’s been no word from cat-lovers, but make no bones about it (sorry), they’re gonna have to come up with something just as good that will also be in their feline friends’ best fishes (SO sorry).

  • Words: Vincent Dwyer

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