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So an idea for a ‘spa-musement’ park, an imagined fusion of water relaxation with amusement part exhilaration, has apparently been given the green light in Beppu, Japan. A video promoting the idea was released last week, accompanied by a challenge set by the Mayor of Beppu, stating that the park would become a reality if the video got over a million views. Let’s just say, it’s only been a few days but the video is sitting at nearly two million views. There is no due-date as of yet; I feel like a lot of time will need to be taken to discuss the logistics of such an elaborate plan.

Naturally, the “spa-musement” video proposes a lot of questions. Like, what about the monstrous amount of water wastage? Will the water literally be smothered in chlorine to combat an issue with hygiene? Will a wart epidemic be on our hands? Will the experience of walking through the park, knowing that you can be saturated by an above roller coaster at any moment, be an anxiety-ridden experience? How are the towels staying on their bodies?

But hey, maybe I’m just being a pessimist. Check out the playful preview in the gallery above. It sounds like a rad idea, in principal. Stay tuned, fam.

Weekly updates