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If anyone was going to body First We Feast’s Hot Ones challenge, it would obviously be Action Bronson. Sitting down with host Sean Evans, the Queens rapper blazes up and blazes through the 10-wing Q&A with a kind of unsettling ease. Bronson’s lyricism is showcased nicely throughout this episode, as the effects of his ‘mystery pen’ and the increasingly spicy chicken wings (as well as at least one bottle of champagne) work their magic. Sharing his thoughts on the good and bad of food shows, ideal stoner television viewing, and the ultimate glass smoking instruments, the rapper hardly breaks a sweat throughout the process—although he tears up considerably towards the end. There are, of course, some classic Action Bronson quotables including:

“Water’s theatrical… splashing of water.”

“I hit very expensive glass pipes in my house in my underwear.”

“While the duck is flying, just fucking grab it and put it on the plate for me. That’s what my life’s about—imagery.”

“I could come through with some imagery that a lot of people can’t because I’ve lived life.”

Watch the episode above.

Weekly updates